The best teacher I have ever had

I thank God almighty in heaven for blessing me with wisdom knowledge and understanding.
I passed NCLEX with 75 questions.
Dr. Jiji Varughese, I thank you so much. You are the best teacher I have ever had.
Geemon you were more than an administrator; you are a father. SOLOMON’S is not just a review programme is not just a school, it is a family where Dr. and Mr. Varughese work with you through your journey of success, they make your problems their problem. The guide and encourage you until they see you pass, succeed and smile.
And above all this center put God first. It’s a class that we pray for ourselves and family before Classes start.
I love this review center and I will recommend it anyway. it worth the money 100%. The teaching does not just help you to pass NCLEX. It also helps you to practice as a Registered Nurse.