NCLEX RN/PN Review Seminar

The NCLEX RN/PN Examination Review Seminar is offered to assist graduate nurses who need additional training and support to pass the licensure examination

This 16-week seminar is designed to provide a content-review based on the NCLEX-RN/PN exam blueprint to students who need to build up more confidence after graduation from an accredited nursing program of the USA or other countries before taking the licensure examination.

Students will be taking practice tests and content reviews throughout the seminar, and will be assisted to build up test-taking and critical thinking skills. Foreign graduate nurses will also receive tips and guidance in cultural transformation during the seminar. 

Foreign nurses must seek eligibility to write the credentialing examinations on their own, through the appropriate board of nursing.

256-hour program

tuition fee


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the content area based on the NCLEX-RN/PN test blueprint
  • Skills to organize basic nursing knowledge previously learned
  • Review course content learned during essential nursing school learning
  • Identify individualized weakness in content area
  • Learn the basic concept of transition to practice from expert foreign nurse to novice nurse of the United States of America
  • Develop cultural sensitivity in working among clients and co-workers of a culturally diverse population
  • Develop test-taking skills so the application of safe nursing practice from previously learned knowledge can be demonstrated
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Boost test-taking skills and reduce anxiety by being well prepared and increasing predictability to answer correctly


Dr Jiji Sally Varughese

Jinu Jacob
Clinical Instructor

Hear from our past students!

Always looked forward to one-on-one check-ins

Dr. Jiji Varughese is an exceptional tutor, she was very patient and understanding. She provided a great study plan that got me to where I was confident enough in myself to know I was ready for the exam. I loved the fact that the study plans were very personalized and tailored to my study progress to help me get the best outcome. I always looked forward to our one on one check-ins especially when I felt overwhelmed, she had a way of calming my nerves. I personally needed a coach to get me pointed in the right direction and Dr. Jiji Varughese came through for me.

Blessing, BSN, RN
Irving, TX

Showed me the correct way

I tried the NCLEX exam 3 times in India and failed. I came to the US with a decision to pursue another career. I was confused about which path to success in NCLEX. Dr. Jiji Varughese showed me the correct way. She never spoon-feeds anyone but she makes everyone master solving questions with content knowledge and critical thinking.

Jain, BSN, RN
Carrollton, TX

I passed NCLEX-RN exam with 75 questions.

I passed NCLEX-RN exam with 75 questions.

Liby, BSN, RN
Carrollton, TX

Key to success

It was a great experience joining Solomon’s, assignment, remediation, and simulation exam they give are the key to success. Always try to focus on your weakness and listen to the instructor cause everyone to learn differently.

Kalpana RN
Lewisville, TX

I passed NCLEX-RN Exam with 75 questions.

I passed NCLEX-RN Exam with 75 questions.

Gisa, BSN, RN
Euless, TX

Pushes you to achieve your dream of being a safe nurse

I am thankful for Solomon’s Healthcare Academy. Dr. Jiji Varughese will push you harder to achieve your dream of becoming a safe nurse. During the NCLEX review, I met some great individuals such as my classmates who shared their experience, which made me push even harder for my end goal

Rincy, RN
The Colony, TX

I was confident to pass the NCLEX

Through this NCLEX prep program I was successfully able to pass my NCLEX the first time. Mam sat down with me and created a custom made schedule to follow in order for me to be successful for the NCLEX. She provided a software program that included over 10,000 NCLEX style questions which tested my level of readiness for the exam. Through vigorous studying, attending classes and answering the questions that was provided by the program I was confident to pass the NCLEX. Mam specifically teaches you NCLEX strategies and core content which is vital for the exam.

Lyn, BSN, RN
Carrollton, TX

Always wants the best for all

Dr. Jiji Varughese is an awesome instructor who always wants the best for all and also meet the needs and challenges us to do great. I can not say enough about the administration. They love all of us and will do anything to help us be successful. I really miss the pep talk and prayers before.

Eniola RN
McKinney, TX

I was able to maximize my study time effectively

Jiji ma’am is a very passionate and knowledgeable teacher who understands each of her students and meets them where they are. She provided me with valuable resources at her study center like various nursing books to meet my needs.

Anu, BSN, RN
Irving, TX

Supportive, motivating and encouraging

First, I thank God the most that through his favor and grace I was able to achieve this. Second, I thank Jiji mam for your support, motivation and encouragement. I highly recommend her classes for anyone looking to pass the NCLEX exam.

Lintu, RN
Carrollton, TX