Nurse Aide Training Program

The nurse aide course is designed to provide training to students who wish to seek the career path in providing safe and effective basic care for people who need long term assistance in activities of daily living.

Our comprehensive Nurse Aide Training Program (CNA Program ) in Dallas, TX, offers a fantastic starting point for a fulfilling career in healthcare. In a variety of medical locations CNAs are vital in giving patients the assistance and attention they need.

The goal of our CNA program is to provide you the knowledge, skills, and practical training you need to work as a professional and registered nursing assistant.

You will gain a well-rounded education through a comprehensive program that includes classroom instruction, practical skills lab practice, simulations, and clinical rotations, preparing you for the demands of the nursing profession.

Our course content is carefully designed to fit with NATCEP’s stringent standards, guaranteeing that you satisfy the highest standards in nursing assistant certification.

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Proven Track Record: We have a proven track record of creating highly qualified and skilled nursing assistants who are successful in their career.

Job Placement Support: Our job placement assistance services will help you transition into the workforce as soon as you finish your program.

Nationally recognized certification: Once you’ve completed and passed the assessment, you’ll be certified by the National Training and Certification of Certified Nurses in the Nurse Aide Certification Evaluation Program. NATCEP is one of the most respected and respected Nurse Aide certification programs in the healthcare industry and provides you with a wide range of career options.

Experienced faculty : Take advantage of the expertise of seasoned professionals with years of experience and knowledge. Our faculty members are dedicated to providing quality education and mentorship to help you excel

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program includes 100 hours of hands-on training in the industry. Students will take part in faculty-led skills lab instruction, simulation, and clinical experience in LTC adult environments through a well-structured curriculum.

Our program is accredited by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This accreditation underscores the quality and credibility of our training program.

  • Accredited by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • NATCEP certification upon successful completion
  • Off-campus clinical experience
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Qualification: High school diploma or GED

Enroll in our top-rated CNA training program and launch your rewarding healthcare career!

100-hour program

tuition fee


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the implications of long-term care
  • A foundation in personal care skills
  • Training in basic nursing skills and restorative services
  • Exposure in mental health and social service skills


Dr jiji Sally Varghese DNP,MSN-ED,RN Professor

Dr Jiji Sally Varughese

Jinu Jacob BSN,RN Clinical Instructor-Faculty

Jinu Jacob
Clinical Instructor

Johanna Biju
Johanna Biju
I am extremely grateful for the exceptional experience I had with Solomon's Healthcare Academy. Dr. Jiji's expertise and engaging teaching style made the learning process enjoyable and effective. The program was thorough, providing a solid foundation for understanding EKG procedures and techniques. Thanks to Solomon's Healthcare Academy and Dr. Jiji, I successfully obtained my EKG technician certification, and I highly recommend their courses to anyone seeking quality healthcare education.
John P. Abraham
John P. Abraham
Solomon’s health care is an excellent institute providing high quality teaching and training materials. I feel proud to be form part of the institution because I could complete my EKG technician course through them. Endless support, proper coordination, in-depth knowledge of tutor, regular class tests, exam preparation etc. are their highlights. I recommend those who wish to study a medical related course, Solomon’s health care institute is the BEST!
Juliet V
Juliet V
Solomon's Healthcare provides an exceptional learning opportunity for aspiring EKG technicians. Under the guidance of the knowledgeable instructor, Dr. Jiji, the program offers a top-notch educational environment. The curriculum covers comprehensive topics relevant to EKG technology, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the EKG Tech exam. What sets this program apart is the personalized attention each student receives, ensuring a tailored approach to their learning journey. This personalized guidance is instrumental in preparing students thoroughly for the challenges of the EKG Tech exam. The commitment to excellence in education, combined with the expertise of Dr. Jiji and the comprehensive curriculum, creates an environment where students can confidently pursue their goals in the field of EKG technology.
Boban Thomas
Boban Thomas
I joined Solomon's Health Care Academy in Sep. 2023 for the EKG course as recommended by my friends. An amazing academy with wonderful leadership of Dr. Jiji Varughese and Mr. Geemon Varughese. I was having no knowledge in the medical arena. A great instructor with excellent knowledge Dr. Jiji helped and encouraged me in completing the course in time and being certified from NHA. I thank Solomon's Academy and Carrolton Regional Medical Center, ER staff for giving me clinical training in EKG's and Telemetry Monitoring. I highly recommend Solomon's Healthcare Academy. Now in Jan 2024 I got job offer from a prestigious hospital. Thanks.
Bidhya Ghimire
Bidhya Ghimire
I joined Solomon academy mid 2023 when I had no confidence of passing Nclex-RN exam. But Dr Jiji came as my mentor and grew my confidence sky high. She helped me figure out my strength and weakness. After 6 months of hard work and guidance from Dr Jiji I became a proud USRN today. Thank you Dr Jiji and Geemon Sir. I would completely recommend Solomon academy to you all.
Mini Raju
Mini Raju
I have recently got an opportunity to study with Solomon's Healthcare It provides a top-notch learning environment with a great instructor Dr. Jiji, and comprehensive topics that empower students to excel the Nclex RN exam. I appreciate the personalised attention, ensuring students are well-prepared for the exam.
This is an amazing academy. I am an EKG student and now board certified. Dr. JiJi Varughese is a great teacher. Very professional.The class is very helpful giving me wisdom and knowledge to succeed and excel in my new scope of practice. Thank you Solomon’s Healthcare Academy
renu varghese
renu varghese
I would recommend this academy to all the new grad nurses. DR. Jiji and Geemon uncle are the best people to guide you. I passed my RN exam under their guidance. Thankyou so much. May God bless you both
Ashik Thomas
Ashik Thomas
Solomon's Healthcare academy is truly is the place to be if you want to succeed in if you are planning to take the nclex. Dr.jiji has good outstanding knowledge bout the exam and its nursing contents, and is able to help you learn various test taking strategies. Thank you Dr.jiji and Geemon in helping me in my endeavors to pass the nclex-Rn.
Leaya sarine Paul
Leaya sarine Paul
Once again , I extent my sincere gratitude to Dr. Jiji ma'am and Geemon sir for their effort and motivation . I passed NGN NCLEX RN exam with the guidance of this institution. I came here after failing NCLEX RN exam two times and lost my hope. Dr.jiji ma'am and Geemon sir motivated me to catch this exam on next attempt. Practicing assignments daily , reviewing remediations and attending RN class ess thrice a week ,held by Dr.jiji ma'am resulted a massive progress in gaining confidence and passing NGN NCLEX RN exam .Also , this institution has a spiritual atmosphere too.Thank god almighty for his great mercy to meet them ..I strongly recommend Solomon's healthcare academy for passing NGN NCLEX RN exam