Healthcare Academy

Nurses with wisdom and power through professional excellence and cultural competency.

At Solomon’s Healthcare Academy, your trusted healthcare training academy, you will discover a world of potential. We are committed to developing tomorrow’s healthcare professionals by offering a wide choice of comprehensive courses aimed to equip you for success in healthcare careers. Our track record of achieving consistently excellent pass rates illustrates our unrelenting dedication to academic achievement in the healthcare training academy.

Consider our NCLEX RN/PN Review Seminar, Nurse Aide Training Program, Patient Care Technician Program, Phlebotomy Technician Program, EKG Technician Program, and BLS/ACLS Certification as you begin your path to a career in healthcare. We prioritize education and the development of culturally competent individuals capable of thriving in the diversified healthcare network at Solomon’s Healthcare Academy. Our skilled instructors offer unwavering assistance, ensuring that you thrive academically while also developing as a compassionate healthcare professional. Join our thriving community today and lay the groundwork for a rewarding future in healthcare with Solomon’s Healthcare Academy as your success partner.

Socratic, shared-
knowledge model

Interactions rooted
in self discovery

Syllabus designed
by content experts

Our Mission

Working to preserve and promote high quality, safe professional practice through integrated learning methodologies and innovative methods of information dissemination.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce wise and powerful graduates driven by professional excellence and cultural competency. We celebrate our value-focussed test prep for allied health professionals.

Our Programs

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Review Seminar

Nurse Aide (CNA)
Training Program

Patient Care Technician
(PCT) Program

Technician Program

Technician Program

(AHA) Certification