The unique SHA standards helped me

My name is Tabitha. I’m going to give you brief words of my journey to passing the NCLEX-RN.
Isiah 41 verse 10
”Have no fear for I am with you, don’t be looking about in trouble, for I am your God. I will give you strength yes, I will be your helper, yes, my true right hand will be your support.”
I realized the fulfillment of the above prophecy in my life through studying at Solomon Health Academy. Fears on how to tackle the ”MOTHER OF ALL TESTS”( NCLEX-RN) were reduced drastically as the high quality of imparted knowledge and skills by Dr. Jiji Varughese instilled confidence in me. The opening song we sang before we start lessons echoed that we have a battle to win. Thank you Dr. Jiji and Mr. Geemon.
Thank you for the study plan which we made together with you based on my available time. My goals became your goals. Dr Jiji you were my instructor my tutor, my mentor even my confidante. The one on one tutorials helped me to see my progress and areas which needed improvement. That is unique SHA standards. Moreover the family like atmosphere at the Academy made me to feel valued and cared for.
The unique soft-wear we were using was excellent as the assignment, remediation and simulation exams was all a package to success!!!!.TEST taking strategies and critical thinking formed the basis of how to tackle NCLEX which you encouraged me to use was fabulous and made me to tackle the exam as I sat behind the computer in the exam room.
Thus I passed after taking 76 questions !!!! praise GOD and thank you Dr Jiji and Mr Geemon for dedicating your time towards my success.
I wish that all NCLEX candidates could come to the Academy and fulfill their dreams of becoming RNs
Wishing the Academy, the best for the future