Studied at a steady pace throughout the course

First of all, I give all glory to God for helping me pass the NCLEX-RN exam. My name is Vinita Simon, and it is my greatest honor to share with you about this special NCLEX prep course I was a part of.

Shortly after coming from India, I enrolled in the SOLOMON’S. Two of the reasons I joined were because of the affordable fees and my aunt, Elizabeth Alex’s recommendation.

Throughout this course, I practiced exam questions, utilized the resource library (books and videos) and followed along the strategies that Mrs. Jiji Varughese taught. She is intelligent and has been through experiences and obtained knowledge in the nursing profession. Whenever I asked any question she would say the answer and direct me to the topic of study regarding that question, even referring me to the sections that I needed to practice more questions in. Her general method enables you to grow as she evaluates your performance, critics it, all while positively challenging you to give your best. Even in a culturally diverse class, Mrs. Varughese relates the lesson to each student and teaches in a unique way that is easy to comprehend and which helps you to sharpen your critical thinking skills. She even demonstrated some of the clinical procedures in front of the class. She makes sure that all her students follow her instruction and works hard along with her. In my own study time, she gave me the freedom to sit and study in the class area for as long as I desired.

Overall, I studied at a steady pace throughout the course and solved many questions with her guidance. I thank God for both- Mrs. Jiji and Mr. Geemon Varughese for helping and supporting me on this journey.

Also, all the prayers and wishes of my husband, family and friends helped me to attain this success. I am remembering the encouraging verse that hung in her class- it constantly reminded me of God’s strength, it read:- “ WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I want to encourage you all, get yourself enrolled in this course, work hard, and leave the rest in God’s hands 🙂