Strategic methods gave me confidence

I passed NCLEX-RN by the grace of God. I sincerely thank Mr & Mrs Varghese for their excellent guidance and support this program helped me to overcome the obstacles I faced while preparing for this exam.
The teaching pattern and guideline helped me to learn and understand the material better. I never had a proper understanding on how to tackle a multiple-choice question prior to taking this class. Mrs. Jiji Varghese’s strategic method on the topics that I struggled with, me to take the exam with much confidence. She is more than happy to work with you individually, if you are having any trouble with certain areas. More than anything it’s your commitment to this program that leads to success.

If you are falling behind in completing your assignments, Mr. Geemon Varghese will personally send a reminder. The online assessment questions were very similar to real NCLEX-RN questions and taking those practice questions were really helpful. I recommend SOLOMON to everyone those whose are planning to take NCLEX-RN Surely, they will help you to pass NCLEX.