Stop looking and get into SHA

If you are looking for a review class to help you prepare for NCLEX; then stop looking and get into SOLOMON’S especially if you are a foreigner. I have heard a lot of instructors all through my course as a student that are nice; but I have not seen one that is so passionate about the success of her students. Mrs. Jiji is very good at what she does, knows what works for NCLEX and what does not work. Also she is a mentor, preacher and encourager. She prays for her students. Truly a believer in the Lord. Please if you are a procrastinator; pls leave it behind before you start this class because it won’t work. She does not like excuses or lazy people. Do not tell her how busy your life is because guess what she is busier than you want to know. If I can do this with a few months old baby, a husband and a full time job then anybody can do it. She gives a lot of assignments and exams and it truly worths it. Also make sure you follow all her guidelines, pray earnestly, believe in God and believe in yourself you will sure make it.