I was able to maximize my study time effectively

“Education can give you the knowledge, but it is God who gives you the wisdom upon that knowledge.” -Ravi Zacharias.

I am Anu Thomas and it was a great opportunity for me to be a part of SOLOMON’S. By grace of God I was able to recently pass my NCLEX exam, along with the help of this course lead by Mrs. Jiji and supported by Mr. Geemon. Jiji ma’am is a very passionate and knowledgeable teacher who understands each of her students and meets them where they are. She provided me with valuable resources at her study center like various nursing books to meet my needs. She took the time to sit with me one-on-one to customize a study schedule based on my time availabilities and gave me tips to strengthen my weak areas. During lecture, she gives various examples to help remember difficult concepts, and encourages to ask questions. NCLEX preparation is a lot of self-studying, but with Jiji ma’ams guidance I was able to maximize my study time effectively. Her teaching helped me change the way I approached questions, and I was able to notice progress over time, with improvement in critical thinking. I am personally encouraged by Jiji ma’ams faith and her dedication to teaching. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to work hard, follow the thorough guidance of Jiji ma’am and utilize the wealth of knowledge/resource available at your disposal.