Always looked forward to one-on-one check-ins

Solomon’s Healthcare Academy was the best choice I made when I decided to focus on NCLEX. I have been out of nursing school since 2013 and being an internationally trained nurse didn’t make it any easier for me. Dr. Jiji Varughese is an exceptional tutor, she was very patient and understanding. She provided a great approach/study plan that got me to where I was confident enough in myself to know I was ready for the exam. I loved the fact that the study plans were very personalized and tailored to my study progress to help me get the best outcome. I always looked forward to our one on one check-ins especially when I felt overwhelmed, she had a way of calming my nerves.
I personally needed a coach to get me pointed in the right direction and Dr. Jiji Varughese came through for me. I highly recommend her class.