nclex pn review course

NCLEX RN/PN Review Seminar

The NCLEX RN/PN Examination Review Seminar is offered to assist graduate nurses who need additional training and support to pass the licensure examination

Welcome to our comprehensive 16-week NCLEX-RN/PN review course in Texas, USA .We’ve created this program to help recent nursing graduates get ready for the NCLEX-RN/PN licensure exam. Whether you’re a graduate from the United States or another country, our program tailors itself to meet your unique needs, following the NCLEX exam blueprint to ensure thorough preparation.

Throughout these 16 weeks, we immerse you in a demanding regimen of practice tests and in-depth material studies, all with the deliberate aim of providing you with the confidence and knowledge required to excel on the NCLEX nursing exam. We understand the significance of not only passing but also succeeding in this crucial milestone. Our course focuses on improving your test-taking skills and nurturing critical thinking abilities.

Online NCLEX Training Program

our comprehensive online NCLEX training program, designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to conquer the exam on your own terms.

Experience a dynamic learning environment that seamlessly blends engaging video lectures delivered by expert instructors, challenging practice exams that mimic the real NCLEX format, and interactive quizzes that solidify your understanding.

We personalize your study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. This means you focus on the areas that need the most attention, maximizing your efficiency and retention

For foreign graduate nurses, our NCLEX classes offer more than just exam preparation. We provide valuable insights and support for cultural adaptation, recognizing that adjusting to a new healthcare environment is as essential as mastering the subject matter. We are committed to your success, with our goal being to equip you for a rewarding nursing career.

Join our NCLEX preparation course today and let us guide you toward obtaining your nursing license.

NCLEX training program, you’re not just studying, you’re strategically preparing for success

Solomon’s online/ofline NCLEX training program, you’re not just studying, you’re strategically preparing for success

Limited seats available for our upcoming nclex prep course. Secure your spot and invest in your future as a registered nurse

Course Hour

256-hour program

Tution fees

tuition fee



Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the content area based on the NCLEX-RN/PN test blueprint
  • Skills to organize basic nursing knowledge previously learned
  • Review course content learned during essential nursing school learning
  • Identify individualized weakness in content area
  • Learn the basic concept of transition to practice from expert foreign nurse to novice nurse of the United States of America
  • Develop cultural sensitivity in working among clients and co-workers of a culturally diverse population
  • Develop test-taking skills to demonstrate the application of safe nursing practice based on previously acquired knowledge.
  • Foster critical thinking skills.
  • Enhance test-taking skills, reduce anxiety, and ensure thorough preparation, increasing your ability to answer correctly


Dr jiji Sally Varghese DNP,MSN-ED,RN Professor

Dr Jiji Sally Varughese

Jinu Jacob BSN,RN Clinical Instructor-Faculty

Jinu Jacob
Clinical Instructor

Hear from our past students!

I passed NCLEX with the help of SOLOMON’S

I passed NCLEX with the help of SOLOMON’S.

Tissa, BSN, RN
Irving, TX

Study plan works, if you don’t skip one step!

I finally passed NCLEX!!! I graduated nursing school in 2014 from INDIA, wrote NCLEX 3 times. I prayed for over 7 months. I joined in SOLOMON’S, did exactly what Mrs. Jiji Varughese said. Don’t skip one step of hers, and you will be successful also! Read the study guide and use her test taking strategies. I had been out of school for a while. Her study plan works, if you don’t skip one step!!! Just pray and be ready to put the time in. I am a wife, a mother of 2 kids and I work full time! Make a study plan and stick to it! If I did this being out of school for 3 years, you can too!!!

Atiya BSN, RN
Richardson, TX

Special classes and strategies helped me understand the material

Dr. Jiji’s special classes and strategies really helped me understand the material and answer the questions on the test. Without my enrollment in SOLOMON’S, I would not have passed the test. I would highly recommend SOLOMON’S for anyone struggling to pass the RN exam, especially international students like myself.

Bini, RN
Carrollton, TX

A clear idea of Strategies and Priorities

I am glad to share you all that I passed NCLEX-RN exam. Firstly, I thank God for giving me a sweet success. Then, from the bottom of my heart I am really thankful to the Captain of SOLOMON’S, Mrs. JIJI VARUGHESE, for guiding, teaching and supporting me to get the success. She is a good mentor. The detailed content review classes gave me a clear idea of strategies and priorities. I strongly believe that without her help, I won’t achieve this success. Once again me and my family is thankful to SOLOMON’S, for my fabulous success.

Shiny BSN, RN
Garland, TX

Nothing compared to SHA

In preparation for the boards I had gone through different NCLEX review classes online and in class, nothing compared after going to SOLOMON’S. I always had anxiety whenever I went to take the NCLEX exam, this time I was at peace, partly of heavenly peace and because of thorough studying, attending classes and answering questions- I was ready. When I was thrown with questions-the questions looked similar- I had mam’s voice of talking about test strategies and education topics back of my mind.

Sijo, BSN, RN
Wylie, TX

I was confident to pass the NCLEX

Through this NCLEX prep program I was successfully able to pass my NCLEX the first time. Mam sat down with me and created a custom made schedule to follow in order for me to be successful for the NCLEX. She provided a software program that included over 10,000 NCLEX style questions which tested my level of readiness for the exam. Through vigorous studying, attending classes and answering the questions that was provided by the program I was confident to pass the NCLEX. Mam specifically teaches you NCLEX strategies and core content which is vital for the exam.

Lyn, BSN, RN
Carrollton, TX

Studied at a steady pace throughout the course

Throughout this course, I practiced exam questions, utilized the resource library (books and videos) and followed along the strategies that Mrs. Jiji Varughese taught. She is intelligent and has been through experiences and obtained knowledge in the nursing profession. Whenever I asked any question she would say the answer and direct me to the topic of study regarding that question, even referring me to the sections that I needed to practice more questions in. Her general method enables you to grow as she evaluates your performance, critics it, all while positively challenging you to give your best. Even in a culturally diverse class, Mrs. Varughese relates the lesson to each student and teaches in a unique way that is easy to comprehend and which helps you to sharpen your critical thinking skills. She even demonstrated some of the clinical procedures in front of the class. She makes sure that all her students follow her instruction and works hard along with her. In my own study time, she gave me the freedom to sit and study in the class area for as long as I desired.

Vinita BSN, RN
Addison, TX

I took the correct decision to join SOLOMON’S

I took the correct decision to join SOLOMON’S. In this prep class, I was able to learn how to answer question properly and how to apply my knowledge to answer questions on exams.

Princy BSN, RN
Garland, TX

My first choice of preparation for NCLEX-RN

SOLOMON’S was my first choice of preparation for NCLEX-RN. What makes them distinct among other prep center is their higher passing rate, systematic training plan which equip any student to achieve goals in short term of time with an affordable fee. Their training covers entire NCLEX topics, effective test taking strategies and online access which has wide range of real NCLEX model questions, and one-on-one class with mam where she focus our weak areas, suggest time plan and ways to improve. Personally those one-on-one classes during last few days of exam was so helpful, I appreciate mam for finding time to help me during off class hours . Her test taking strategies helped me so much during the time of exam when I was struggling to find the right answers.

Salomi, BSN, RN
Carrollton, TX

Their enriched values that impacted my success

I choose to express my gratitude to the Lord by way of SOLOMON’S because of their enriched values that impacted my success in the NCLEX exams. I will not hesitate to recommend SOLOMON’S to any candidate that needs NCLEX reviews.

Victoria LVN
Irving, TX